How are YOU going to help your community?


School’s are back in session! With this in mind we thought it was a great time to discuss community involvement and it’s benefits…What better way to do this than supporting your local school district?

The benefits of the adopt-a-school model are obvious, below we’ve named a few that stand out:

  1. Partnerships can spark an interest in learning, increase graduation/attendance rates, and potentially lead to internships or jobs.
  2. Businesses are given the opportunity to help with curriculum development which can provide insight into what employers need from those entering the workforce.
  3. Businesses that donate new or used equipment or computers can receive a tax write-off while simultaneously supporting the community.

A great way to get involved is your local REIA. Look into how they are helping in their neighborhood school districts. No matter how you do it giving back to the community goes along way. SO get out there and find what works for you!

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